Oto Melara 30 mm Compact-SAFS-MFCS
  • Oto Melara Single 30 mm Gun Mount is a new generation naval system:

              - High rate of fire:up to 700 rds/min

              - Selectable repeat single shot fire up to about 120 rds/min

              - Dual amunition feeding system

              - High accuracy and short reaction time

              - SAFS (Simplified Aiming and Firing System)

              - MFCS (Micro Fire Control System)

              - Buffer batteries for autonomous operation in case of ships power failure  

Our Capabilities Related to the Oto Melara 30 mm Compact-SAFS-MFCS Gun: 

  • Inspections of electrical, electromechanical and mechanical assemblies
  • Servo Systems, Hydraulic Ammunition Loading and Ramming Performans checks
  • Gun Foundation levelling and Cabling
  • Gun Mount and electronic components installation.
  • 2nd and 3rd Level maintenance,Repair and Overhaul
  • Operator,2nd and 3rd Level maintainer Training Course (OJT,On Board-Class)
  • STW (Setting-to-Work), FAT (Factory Acceptance Test),
  • HAT (Harbour Acceptance Test), SIT (System Integration Test) and SAT (Sea Acceptance Test). 
  • Obstacle, firing cut-out zone checks, correction and implementation
  • Gunner Panel,Monitoring Console and Maintenance Panel checks.
  • Firing Test.
  • Integration Ordalts and recommended modifications.
  • MFCS Alignment.

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